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Mei Li - The South China Sea Mermaid - Cross Stitch Chart PDF

Includes black & white and color charts.


In the South China Sea there swims a mermaid named Mei Li. The animals of the deep know and love this beautiful soul, for she nurtures and protects them. But what many don't know about this shimmering, raven-haired goddess, is that her tail swishing through the waves makes the sound of the bellchime. It is said that if you listen carefully from the rocks near the coral and anemone beds, you will hear the bells floating on the waves as she gathers all her strength in her powerful arms and rises up from the deep. The only mermaid with the power to break the surface and arc high above the water in a glorious somersault. You might even catch her lotus flower if she shakes her tresses as she flies for a moment above the ocean's surface. ~ Susan Redington Bobby


Stitch Count 183w x 243h
Model stitched by Kenny Brown on 32 ct. Calypso's Cay Belfast from Under the Sea Fabrics
Design features silk threads from Dinky Dyes.
Please see other listings for Embellishment Packs

Mei Li - The South China Sea Mermaid PDF

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