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About Me

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I'm Karen McEwan, a married mom of two extraordinary and challenging kids. My background training is in Fashion Design, but I spent years as a Travel Agent until I became a full-time mom. I've been a cross stitcher since my teen years, and now I can say that I'm a cross stitch designer!

I was encouraged by friends to turn my joy of stitching and my artistic ability into creating new cross stitch patterns.


My style could be considered eclectic and quirky in some cases, artsy and romantic in others. I’ve learned that I can turn almost anything into a bikini. But my real love is the beautiful ladies that I imagine. You can expect to see ladies of all shapes, sizes, and colors in my designs, as I think everyone has their own beauty.

My brain is always buzzing with a gazillion design ideas, but I love hearing your suggestions and wishes, too. Thank you for your interest in Meridian Designs for Cross Stitch!

Hugs and stitches,


Meet the Team
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