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Hanging by a thread?

Welcome to the new blog! I don't really have an organized plan for using it, but it's a nice tool to have to just chit chat with you all.

How is everyone out there doing? The world is difficult to recognize right now, isn't it? Are you still staying home, social distancing, masking, etc., or are you out and about?

I am still hiding out at home, mostly. I go to visit my parents. I occasionally go to the grocery store, and a few very brief stops in a couple of necessary stores. I don't know how you are holding up, but I am struggling. The constant worry about what is happening with this pandemic, and with the political unrest, and murder hornets, and meth gators, and whatever is on your Apocalypse Bingo card, is really wearing me down.

I haven't been designing a whole lot since this started in March. A bit here and there. I have two new cupcakes that will be released very soon. I mostly just have to finish them into ornaments, and photograph them. There is a very exciting, big design that is currently hanging out with the model stitcher (who has threatened not to send her back). I have a couple more that I'm almost ready to send to model stitchers, I just need a few more things.

What are you stitching on? What would you like to see?

Be well, everyone.

Hugs and stitches,


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